Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Parsley defeats GOP legislator in District 8

Republican Chuck Jones lost his bid for the State Senate by a very small margin throughout the district but have the majority of Moody County voters on his side. Jones took 1,290 local votes compared to Scott Parsley’s 1,055. [Moody County Enterprise]
Winning Lake County put Parsley over the top by 355 votes.

Democrats Jim Peterson of Revillo, Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton, Ray Ring of Vermillion, Julie Bartling of Burke, and Peggy Gibson of Huron also won in Republican fields.

Reporter Bob Mercer told readers of the Pierre Cap Journal that Democratic legislators returned contributions from a GOP PAC built for nefarious purposes:
Ben Nesselhuf called on Republicans to likewise divest their campaigns of what he called “scam money” from the PAC. Nesselhuf said the Democrats – Senate leader Jason Frerichs of Wilmot $350, Sen. Bill Sutton of Burke $250 and Rep. Scott Parsley of Madison $200 – returned their amounts Monday. Nesselhuf said Free Conferencing abuses rural-telephone subsidies and called the matter a “pay to play scandal.”
Parsley and the author of The Dakota Progressive have cousins in common: his mom and my uncle by marriage were siblings. His brother Steve has been a life-long friend of this blogger.

Scott Parsley, Bernie Hunhoff, Pat Garrity

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