Monday, January 20, 2020

Klomentum: Klobuchar wins top endorsements

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Endangered fish another species at risk to Republican Party

With the Endangered Species Act nearing extinction while in the clutches of the Trump Organization the US Fish and Wildlife Service is asking for comment on a draft recovery plan for the Topeka shiner (Notropis topeka) nearing extirpation from the tributaries to the James, Vermillion and Big Sioux Rivers, some of the most polluted waterways in the United States. Americans are learning Trump supporters can't seem to end all life on Earth soon enough.

Over a hundred native species in South Dakota are at risk to the Republican Party including the endangered pallid sturgeon, paddlefish, black footed ferret, northern long-eared bat, the black-backed woodpecker that feeds on bark beetles and a bird that actually walks underwater - the American dipper, just to name a few. Threatened by the increased conversion of native prairie to cropland the most endangered plant in the chemical toilet that is South Dakota is the white-fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara) found mainly in tallgrass prairies west of the Mississippi River.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

In South Dakota gravel trumps gold

As yet another sacred site in the Black Hills is being probed, threatening to destroy Iranian cultural centers is simply another American tradition. Rapid City attorney David Ganje tells readers how waste rock and overburden can be more valuable than the ore it covers.
In the natural resources, mining and geological fields, the ‘experts’ are reluctant to call gravel a mineral. It matters not whether they are a lawyer, judge or geologist. Gravel is everywhere – in South Dakota alone, there are more than 1,800 permits for gravel mining on file with the Department of Mining and Natural Resources. As a result, the term ‘mineral’ will sometimes be construed so as to include gravel, and other times to exclude gravel. On private land, gravel rights are managed by the state. In South Dakota no statute provides a definition for ‘mineral’ or ‘mineral interest’ with the purpose of explaining existing mineral interests or leases. On federal land, where the federal government has reserved mineral interests, the analysis is similarly convoluted. This may indicate that whether or not a specific federal mineral reservation includes gravel can depend heavily on the composition of the court at the time of the case. [Ganje: Don’t look for the gold, look for the gravel]
Thank you, Nino Scalia, for reminding us why Democrats need to control not just the federal bench but every court and every jurisdiction. Yes, white people have cashed in on the General Mining Law of 1872.
Estimates of the number of such abandoned mine sites range from 161,000 in 12 western states to as many as 500,000 nationwide. At least 33,000 have degraded the environment, according to the Government Accountability Office, and thousands more are discovered every year. In 2017, the EPA proposed requiring companies still operating mines to post cleanup bonds or offer other financial assurances so taxpayers don’t end up footing cleanup bills. The Trump administration halted the rule, but environmental groups are scheduled to appear in federal court next month in a lawsuit that seeks to revive it.[US mining sites dump 50M gallons of fouled wastewater daily]
Republican former State Senator Stan Adelstein's ancestors owned a store in Kadoka, adjacent to the Pine Ridge Reservation: he is vested in many mining interests from gold to gravel on stolen treaty lands.

Photo: the wanton destruction of an entire northern Black Hills ecosystem is clearly evident.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Morning Consult: Noem among least popular governors; Thune, Rounds drop

Read that here. Her American Nazi Party comrades, John Thune and Mike Rounds both dropped in popularity, too.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Doubtful whether Trump will be in office to come to Mount Rushmore

Recall that during President Barack Obama's first term pyrotechnics were banned at Mount Rushmore National Monument because of repeated wildfire starts during red flag conditions and residual chemicals leaching into groundwater supplies. Now the Trump Organization is threatening the French and Battle Creek watersheds again.
Gov. Kristi Noem announced in May 2019 that South Dakota and the U.S. Department of the Interior would be working together to return fireworks to the monument on July 4, 2020, and her press secretary said on Wednesday that Noem would attend the July 4 event to which Trump is invited. [Rapid City Journal]
The good news? Trump is a career criminal stumbling pell-mell into madness and will be thrown out of office before July.