Monday, October 22, 2018

Urban bighorn sheep climbing to nuisance peak in Deadwood

Yep, South Dakota Game, Fish and Plunder has forced wildlife management on someone else again after losing control of another self-created crisis.

After the 2002 Grizzly Gulch Fire opened nearly 13,000 acres of overgrown and beetle-killed ponderosa pine invasive weeds and cheatgrass moved in because cars and hunters have killed off most of the native elk, white-tailed and mule deer.
GF&P released 26 head of bighorns trapped and transferred from the Hinton, Alberta, Canada area, somewhere east of Jasper National Park, then hauled them down for release at a high-country place near Deadwood left open by the burn in 2002. Sheep like open country more than dense forest. The project was helped along by the $82,000 raised last year by the auction of one of three bighorn hunting tags authorized by the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission. [Kevin Woster, KELO]
Now, a herd of disease-prone bighorn sheep, likely seeking relative protection from cougars orphaned by one of GFP's other failed policies, has moved right in and made themselves at home within the City of Deadwood causing traffic snarls and wreaking havoc on gardens and lawns.
Until now, no natural water sources existed on Sunrise Mountain. “Installation of a guzzler to collect water on Sunrise Mountain provides bighorn sheep and other wildlife with a safe, secluded, high elevation water source that could potentially reduce the need for them to travel through Deadwood and across busy highways in search of water,” said Valerie McKean, Northern Hills Wildlife Biologist, Black Hills National Forest. The new guzzler is located within the Deadwood Fuels Project which is being implemented over the next 5 years by the City of Deadwood, SDDAWFD, SDDOC and Black Hills National Forest. [press release, Black Hills National Forest]
The below video has been lifted from Bob Reiling.

During the Sturgis Rally riders loop through Aladdin to Hulett and Devils Tower then back through Sundance. Highways are often crowded to capacity and drunken bikers can be seen weaving over every roadway in the Black Hills. Collisions with deer and bighorn sheep regularly injure and kill motorcyclists.

The reasoning is hardly mysterious: it's all about the money hunting and subsidized grazing bring to the South Dakota Republican Party depleting watersheds and smothering habitat under single-party rule.

The stills below have been lifted from Sandy Smith Bittner.

Events like these are hardly unexpected in a Republican-choked state that stages an annual mock bison roundup appropriated from indigenous cultures and keeps a drove of allegorical mooching donkeys in a park named for a war criminal as a slap in the face to a feckless South Dakota Democratic Party.

BHSU wins Sierra Club sustainability award

Ice storms routinely knock out electric power on American Indian reservations often resulting in lost lives and the inevitable cyber attacks on the US will take down the grid for days, even months causing food shortages and mayhem.
Black Hills State University was recognized nationally for its sustainability achievements as it was included on the annual listing of “Cool Schools.” BHSU is the only South Dakota school included in the listing. Each ranking includes stats from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) STARS system, a self-reporting framework for colleges to measure their sustainability performance, and Sierra Club Cool School Points awarded. STARS stands for Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System. [Sierra Club includes BHSU in ‘Cool Schools 2018’ listing]
Utilities are not your friends.

South Dakota suffers the highest breast cancer rates in America due in large part to emissions from coal-fired electricity generating plants in Montana and Wyoming. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission is staffed by Republicans so they're pushovers for rate increases by companies who bankroll their elections to the posts they hold. Xcel Energy enjoyed a 4 percent rate hike from the South Dakota Public Utility Cartel (SDPUC) but reduced its request in Colorado. Commissioner Kristie Fiegen herself is circling the drain wracked with cancer caused by Attorney General Marty Jackley's partisanship and conflicts of interest.

No corporate taxes, a compliant regulator and cheap labor make South Dakota the perfect dumping ground for earth killers like coal. Jackley got campaign cash from NWE last cycle; so did a bunch of other South Dakota Republicans. In 2014, Xcel gave $10,000 to Mike Rounds, $2,500 to John Thune and $4,250 to Kristi Noem. In 2016 Black Hills Corp. gave Thune and Noem wads of cash, too. Basin Electric doled out $270,000 in 2016 alone. Oil and gas found Mike Rounds' zerk, too. Noem has received $5,500 from electric utilities so far in the 2018 election cycle.

If South Dakota had a Democratic attorney general he might be compelled to sue Montana and Wyoming for the toxic legacy created by Colstrip, Basin Electric and Black Hills Energy.

Microgrid technologies are destined to enhance tribal sovereignty, free communities from electric monopolies and net-metering only gives control back to utilities enabled by moral hazard. The cost of subsidizing, manufacturing, transporting, erecting and maintaining just one wind farm turbine bat and bird killer would take a thousand subscribers to energy self-reliance.

Leaving the grid has never been easier so anyone who can afford to it should do it now.

With Trump still in the White House it's never been more urgent.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bendagate player Turbiville found dead

Republican State House member from District 31 and Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville has croaked.

Turbiville's name still appears on the November ballot and if he wins either lame duck Denny Daugaard or a new governor will name his replacement. Democrats Naveen Malik, Wyatt Osthus and earth hater Tim Johns are also in District 31 house contests. In 2014 Chuck fled an economic development post ahead of a lawsuit seeking information about criminal activity committed during Governor Mike Rounds' administration resulting in the suspicious death of Richard Benda.

During a photo shoot when construction on the Bendagate-financed Deadwood Mountain Grand went obscenely over budget the following was heard by a city employee uttered by Big Kenny Alphin as he handed a check for $5 million to Mike Gustafson.
This is the last goddamned check I'm going to write to you assholes!
Bendagate/Deadwood Mountain Grand player Joop Bollen is a Future Fund recipient and SDGOP campaign contributor. Reporter Bob Mercer's request to see Richard Benda's autopsy report and investigation proving he was shot in the abdomen was denied by a Republican-owned court in South Dakota. On advice of counsel now-US Senator Mike Rounds has never released the names of his Future Fund and Bendagate scandal cronies because he's shielded by South Dakota's lack of ethics oversight.

At their last meeting Deadwood's historic preservation commission heard testimony on the Grand’s latest expansion plans.

Turbiville served three years in the US Armed Forces including a tour in Vietnam. He was obese, sedentary and in poor health when he died. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sanford Health posts therapeutic cannabis guidelines

North Dakota has turned to therapeutic cannabis and is expected to legalize for all adults in its efforts to reverse opioid abuse.
"Sanford does not endorse or oppose the use of medical marijuana. The decision is up to each Sanford doctor and what they feel is medically best for their patients. We base our discussions on medical research to ensure the best treatment for our patients." [KFYR]
But, North Dakota's repressive neighbor to the south is among the worst states for opioid abuse yet Democrats in that red state believe residents are too fragile for legal cannabis. Even the South Dakota State Medical Association contends that although "marijuana and dronabinol decreased pain" the fact that it is illegal makes it less effective as a therapy.

Moral hazard keeping South Dakota red

The grassland fire danger index will be in the very high category today and tomorrow for parts of the chemical toilet and permanent disaster area that is South Dakota.

Drought remains where welfare ranchers now dependent on moral hazard continue poor ag and ranching practices squandering the precious precipitation that fell earlier in parts of South Dakota. Socialized agriculture, socialized cheese, socialized livestock production, socialized coal, a socialized timber industry, socialized air service and socialized freight rail: South Dakota truly is a perpetual welfare state.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

SDPB quietly lobbying for legal cannabis

Travel with Rick Steves airs on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio on Sunday mornings. He lives in Edmonds, Washington.
After four years of legalization, I look out my window here and marijuana's legal and it looks just like it did before it was legal. It just means we arrest 8,000 people fewer a year, it means money is being taken away from organized crime and our government is enjoying tens of millions of dollars of tax revenue that they wouldn't have had otherwise. And mature adults have the civil liberty of going home and smoking a little pot if they want to. I mean, I've got my bong right out on my shelf at home, and it's just great to have it there right next to the wine glasses. [PBS Host Rick Steves Discusses His First Trip, Breaking Marijuana Stereotypes And Being An Advocate]
Cannabis is a safe, effective palliative.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Black Hills water still at risk to SDGOP

Under the General Mining Law of 1872 Canadian miners have carte blanche to rape the Black Hills, so they are. Mineral Mountain Resources is drilling some 120 holes on 7,500 acres in the Homestake Gold Belt on both public lands and on private holdings known as the Standby Mine Target near a site sacred to American Indians. The Canadians just secured enough water from Rapid Creek to resume operations until 31 December, 2018.